MindMeister App

MindMeister has been positioned as the number one mind mapping and online collaboration tool available today.

Behind the product is a very strong team of developers following the company’s philosophy of bringing the very latest advancements in web 2.0 technology to you.

MindMeister App
MindMeister App

Collaborate in real-time

MindMeister has been built from the ground up to facilitate collaboration.

Part of what makes MindMeister such a powerful tool is that it’s built and designed with a big focus on collaboration. This means that you not only have the ability to quickly develop your own ideas, you can also quickly share your maps to brainstorm and collaborate with as many others as needed, and all in real time.

Share with people

Reach people through Facebook, Twitter, email and public maps.

There’s never been an easier way to share your thoughts and ideas with friends, colleagues and the entire world. Take advantage of the many options we have available to quickly promote and express your work to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

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