Sublime Text CSS selectors auto completion popup does not work

In latest version of Sublime Text, when working in CSS for example, you will notice that the CSS selectors auto completion will not work anymore.

In some cases you will notice that using CTRL + Space will bring the popup with all the CSS selectors from your CSS that your file has but this is a little annoying if you ask me!

Before we dive in to make some changes to our Sublime Text install, open a .css file in sublime, and bring up the sublime console ( View > Console ).

In the Sublime Text console type: view.meta_info("cancelCompletion", view.sel()[0].a). This should return '.*'.

Fix the CSS selectors auto completion popup

  1. Get
  2. Run PackageResourceViewer: Open Resource and browse CSS
  3. Go to Sublime Text > Preferences > Browse Package Folder
  4. Open the CSS Folder
  5. Open the file called Completion Rules.tmPreferences with Sublime Text
  6. The file code should look like this:
  1. Edit the Completion Rules.tmPreferences code and make sure you delete the key and string values
  2. Save the file with the same name but in Package Folder > Users Folder
  3. The new file should look like this:

At this point you can enjoy the CSS selector auto completion in CSS file. Make sure after all the modification above, you restart your Sublime Text.

To make sure that everything is running as we wanted open again the Sublime Text Console (View > Console ) and type the same command: view.meta_info("cancelCompletion", view.sel()[0].a) at this point the console should return nothing.

You can check more information about this bug on github.

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