Add “Open with Sublime Text 3” to Windows Explorer Context Menu

If you are like me, a daily user of Sublime Text 3, then you will find this code snippet very handy. What if you will be able to just right click on a folder and the Explorer Context Menu will have an option to open that folder or file directly in Sublime Text 3? The bellow code snippet will allow you to do just that. First open your favorite text editor and paste the code snippet bellow.

WordPress 3.8 code name “Parker”

Two days ago, WordPress 3.8 “Parker” was released. Aside many features, WordPress 3.8 has gotten a facelift which brings a fresh new look to the entire admin dashboard. Gone are overbearing gradients and dozens of shades of grey — bring on a bigger, bolder, more colourful design! Modern aesthetic The new WordPress 3.8 dashboard has a […]

Google does not use the keywords meta tag in web ranking

Wow that’s nice, Google don’t use keywords meta tag in web ranking. So I think this is a good thing right, cause like Matt Cutts explains, this technique was used for spam a lot. Don’t get me wrong, don’t think that if you use keywords meta tag you will do something wrong. No! It just […]

WordPress 3.1.1 and TheStyle 1.8

Recently I’ve updated my wordpress to the latest version which is 3.1.1. With this occasion I’ve decided to update my theme, which is theStyle from elegant themes, since before this I have used the 1.5 version of the theme. What this mean? It means that I’ve spent around 1 and a half hour to make […]